in-cosmetics North America: The Story Behind the Science, Cherie Buziak [Video] 9/2017

in-cosmetics N. America and BeautyEdge LLC have collaborated on an innovative Marketing program at In-Cosmetics N. America this October.  The program, called The Story Behind the Science, was created specifically for product developers and marketers in the beauty industry.  It’s a very experiential and first of its kind program for beauty marketers.

In a guided, 1-hour tour, BeautyEdge (Cherie Buziak) will lead the groups through three different stations.

1.) The Make-up Bar: a space dedicated to the latest innovations in color cosmetics

2.) The Sensory Bar: which highlights products that provide a unique sensorial experience allowing marketers to engage with amazing textures, colors and fragrances

3.) The Innovation Zone:  where marketers will be introduced to new technologies that have launched in the last six months.

View video for additional information on Focus On Marketing: The Story Behind The Science.  In-Cosmetics N. America

 Registration is free, but you must register to attend:  The Story Behind the Science

We look forward to seeing you there!


The Edge on Tropical Trends 7/2015


It’s mid-summer – that means adventure and travel! 

At BeautyEdge, we mixed in a little inspirational exploration to our travels of the shimmery white sands, and electric blue waters of the Caribbean!

Where did we land?  A Perfume Factory!  Check out our tropical journey in the video below.  

We were welcomed by a cozy porch upon arrival to this quaint, pink seashell colored building.  Greeting us were familiar names of raw materials, like English lavender, jasmine, coconut, amber and roses.

Once inside the inner workings of this island gem, beachy décor accented the retail displays as the guide explained what made their fragrance blends unique. A quick tour took us through laboratory spaces where oils are compounded and stainless steel mixing vats blended choice perfumery materials.

The finished juice is presented in decorative bottles with whimsical names drawn from the fragrant Bahamian life: Bahama Blue, Goomba, Island Promises and Pink Pearl to name a few.  Base notes of vanilla, light cream and amber in some of the creations offer a comforting Caribbean twist seasoned with peach, plum and coconut.    

We couldn’t walk away without purchasing a little something for ourselves, and, of course, a little treat for our newest canine addition, Checkers.  What was her treat?  Bahama Mama pet fragrance, fitting for a female Boston terrier!  A little spray on her sleeping pod lulls her into a dreamy wonderland and softens her fur at the same time.

How does a trip to a perfume factory in the Caribbean offer inspiration?  By offering insight into current trends.  According to Janice Hart, Sr. Manager, Bell Flavors & Fragrances, “We see a trend with our customers wanting to use more essential oils in their fragrances. - Customers are demanding purity and simplicity of pure essential oils.”

Cynthia Keeting, Global Account Executive at CosmoInternational Fragrances contends that  “ fragrance trends in personal care are exploding with scents centered around coconut - widely used in products positioned for moisturization, damage repair for hair,    adding luster, promoting scalp/skin health and stimulating hair growth. Other hot trends:  tropical/sunny island concept fragrances based on seaweed, hibiscus, passion fruit, guava and Brazilian citrus.”  

When thinking about your next product launch, what type of experience can you offer your customer? -  Need inspirational help creating that memorable product for your brand? Contact  and check out our site at  view the “InnerEdge” tab to see what we’re up to!

NY NOW, Let's Get Happy! 2/2014

BeautyEdge visited the NY NOW show in New York City's Jacob Javits Center.

Some of you may be asking, “What is NY NOW?”  From our point of view, it is a tremendous collection of U.S. and global-based manufacturers, exhibitors, and distributors with commercialized products that range from personal care to baby clothes, stationary to home goods. The exhibitors provide “first look” exposure to new launches along with their full brand line-ups that are available for retail sales in various selling channels.

Key Trends:

>>Though living green and sustainability are becoming more of a lifestyle than a trend, we continue discovering new ways to use our resources wisely and safely.

>>Strong evidence in men’s luxury personal care was apparent, along with the need and clear message to love others and ourselves, to celebrate, to indulge in the little things and enjoy happiness.

While many trends themed throughout the show, we chose happiness as a grounding point.  We won’t claim to know the answer to everlasting happiness at BeautyEdge, but we do know that as humans we seek an experience, whether inside or outside of ourselves, to which we can say, ”That makes me happy!”

Take a look at what we saw at NY NOW!


TheHappyEdge: fun products

eco-kids®  launched 2008

Although they have been around since 2008, Kip and Cammie Weeks continue to bring fun, creativity, and a breath of fresh air to a lineup of 13 eco-kid products, including molding dough, crayons, finger paints, and egg-coloring kits. The company began with a recipe for molding dough that Cammie Weeks’ mom made for her as a child. After incorporating natural ingredients into the recipe, the dough was named eco-dough. With the slogan “creative play the natural way,” eco-kids’ products are developed with non-toxic natural ingredients and packaged with environmentally friendly supplies from around the United States.

Bead Bottle™ launching Spring 2014


Bead Bottle is a distinctive and creative product that was designed to honor important memories and milestones in life. From family vacations to special friendships to personal mantras, Peyote Bird has developed numerous stores that appeal to a wide range of customers. Each bead bottle contains various semi-precious stones, as well as metal charms, glass beads, and leather cording, accompanied by two lobster closures to make one necklace and one bracelet.  A story card with simple instructions is provided with each purchase and includes a QR-code to YouTube videos for additional information.

Buff-Her House of Exfoliation launched May 2013

The time spent with these three sisters and founders—Regina, Cheryl, and Stephanie—was delightful. They are all experts in natural skin remedies, and two of the sisters are aestheticians. We’re happy to hear that, because it is particularly important to understand how a product works on skin and what to look for performance-wise during and after use. Buff Her House of Exfoliation is a collection of exfoliating facial scrubs made from organic and naturally grown fruits and vegetables. According to the company, these gentle exfoliants will restore your skin’s natural and radiant beauty with nature’s help! Their goal is to provide women with a natural way to exfoliate by using all-natural and organic foods. Each shaker is claimed to provide two hundred exfoliating applications, and can be used mixed with water, or added to your favorite cleanser!

Final thoughts: As colleagues in marketing, product development, and trend seekers, explore with us these new ideas!  Let's use these infusions of inspiration as stepping stones creating happiness for our consumers while designing a better world of products.  

Need help creating a Happy or Experiential beauty care product or brand with an edge?  Connect with BeautyEdge LLC at   We’re also available for category analysis to identify the white space for your new product or brand.

TheEdgeOnPurple: Color Trend Walk, NYC, 10/2013

TheEdgeOnPurple When you think of “purple,” what comes to mind? Royalty? Passion? Romance? Its richness, its lushness?

BeautyEdge strolled the streets of New York City and vicinity, seeking shades of purple.

The color purple is not just on trend, in fact, it invades our world — our world of food, our art, our environment, our homes, our decor and adornments, our fashion, our beauty products.

Its tones and hues, its nuances, are everywhere. It’s almost as though the color shouts out to you, commanding your attention. The color captures every mood, with abstract applications, and lush textures in jewel-like, brilliant finishes and vibrant opulence. Plum,   lavender, amethyst, violaceous ... the variations in value offer endless options in our world.

Wander with us, and come, see what we saw ... 

The color purple is not just on trend, in fact, it invades our world - our world of food, our art, our environment, our homes, our decor and adornments, our fashion, our beauty products. BeautyEdge strolled the streets of New York City and vicinity, seeking shades of purple.


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