The Edge on Tropical Trends 7/2015


It’s mid-summer – that means adventure and travel! 

At BeautyEdge, we mixed in a little inspirational exploration to our travels of the shimmery white sands, and electric blue waters of the Caribbean!

Where did we land?  A Perfume Factory!  Check out our tropical journey in the video below.  

We were welcomed by a cozy porch upon arrival to this quaint, pink seashell colored building.  Greeting us were familiar names of raw materials, like English lavender, jasmine, coconut, amber and roses.

Once inside the inner workings of this island gem, beachy décor accented the retail displays as the guide explained what made their fragrance blends unique. A quick tour took us through laboratory spaces where oils are compounded and stainless steel mixing vats blended choice perfumery materials.

The finished juice is presented in decorative bottles with whimsical names drawn from the fragrant Bahamian life: Bahama Blue, Goomba, Island Promises and Pink Pearl to name a few.  Base notes of vanilla, light cream and amber in some of the creations offer a comforting Caribbean twist seasoned with peach, plum and coconut.    

We couldn’t walk away without purchasing a little something for ourselves, and, of course, a little treat for our newest canine addition, Checkers.  What was her treat?  Bahama Mama pet fragrance, fitting for a female Boston terrier!  A little spray on her sleeping pod lulls her into a dreamy wonderland and softens her fur at the same time.

How does a trip to a perfume factory in the Caribbean offer inspiration?  By offering insight into current trends.  According to Janice Hart, Sr. Manager, Bell Flavors & Fragrances, “We see a trend with our customers wanting to use more essential oils in their fragrances. - Customers are demanding purity and simplicity of pure essential oils.”

Cynthia Keeting, Global Account Executive at CosmoInternational Fragrances contends that  “ fragrance trends in personal care are exploding with scents centered around coconut - widely used in products positioned for moisturization, damage repair for hair,    adding luster, promoting scalp/skin health and stimulating hair growth. Other hot trends:  tropical/sunny island concept fragrances based on seaweed, hibiscus, passion fruit, guava and Brazilian citrus.”  

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