Beauty Expert Trae Bodge* representing BE attended The MakeUp Show in NYC.  The MakeUp Show was created and co-produced by The Powder Group and Metropolitan Pavillion.  They started the show together in 2005.  This year's show was held on May 16-17, 2010  .

Beauty tips, application techniques, artist must-haves and color technologies were shared by celebrity makeup artist Randy Mercer, Director Business Development and Artist relations for Makeup Forever, Kevin Bennett, and International Communications Director for Cover FX, Wanda Longo. 

Here's the Scoop on what she found...


by Kevin Bennett



. Start with eyes first in case there is necessary clean-up from the eye shadow or liner. You never want to disturb the concealer and foundation once they are applied. . Use shades on brides that have natural skin tones as their base. Even if you are using a pink or peach, the color should contain some level of beige so the color does not look artificial. . Use a powder in a similar shade over any liner on the eye to ensure that "if one wears off, the other will remain. A good insurance policy", says Kevin. . Highlight with a light champagne/peach tone under the eyes and along the upper cheek bone to deflect light from dark circles, and to direct attention to the center of the face. . Apply lip liner all over the lips, then coat the lips with a shimmering powder. . Activate the color with lip gloss for long lasting color.


. Use greys on a bride - with the flash of cameras, greys will inevitably make a bride look tired. . Use individual false lashes on a bride, as one may drop off over the course of the day and leave the eyes looking uneven. Strip lashes are better. Be sure to trim them so they look natural. . Use water-based foundation for brides - water-based formulations do not wear long enough. He recommends a silicone formulation as the ideal.

THE CULT EDGE: Artists' Secrets Shared


Cover FX's Wanda Longo presented a seminar addressing HD correction techniques utilizing Cover FX products.   Cover FX is a Canadian company, whose products were created in a skin clinic in Toronto to address the needs ofpatients with severe skin issues. The range consists of foundations, concealers, primers and mineral powders. The products are available in a variety of formulations for different skin types and all of their products have therapeutic benefits.

Wanda demonstrated how to cover a tattoo (or spider veins on the face or body) and provided the following tips: . Do not prime first.  Use the Cover FX concealer or a highly-pigmented concealer that is much lighter than the natural skin tone. . Pat a thin layer of concealer onto the skin with a brush or sponge. . Set with powder. Apply a thin layer of a shade that matches the skin, patting it in. Repeat if necessary. >>


Celebrity Makeup Artist Randy Mercer presented Kit Essentials: Cult Items for Every Artist's Kit on behalf of Alcone. Randy has worked on everyone from Barbra Streisand to Tina Fey. Randy's approach is "Makeup that lives well on the face and stays put".   Randy is a big fan of the faux face lift, so he demonstrated the Mark Traynor Face Isometric Beauty Band and the Traynor Face/Neck Lift tapes and bands on an older model to show how to temporarily remove years from the face.   Randy explained and demonstrated his signature "horseshoe" blush technique that makes the blush appear like the color is "coming from within the skin".

1. Apply powder blush in a horseshoe shape, the bottom of the U curving around the apples of the cheeks.

2. Fill in the U with a brighter cream blush, blend with a brush and set with powder.  

More tips and tricks:

. For long-lasting liner, use waterproof mascara with a fine brush to line the eyes - Randy's favorite is Maybelline Waterproof Great Lash.   . Use a clear vitamin stick - Randy's favorite is Mark Traynor's - blended with lip liner to create long-lasting lip color. He prefers the Visiora pencils in the nude tones.   . Apply a concealer last so it does not need to be touched up after eye shadow fallout (see Kevin Bennett's similar tip above).   . Use taupe eye shadow on everyone.   . Individual lashes are great for natural, but well-defined eyes - always set them with waterproof mascara.   . Always set makeup with powder. Randy recommends Visiora PC compact powder.   >>

THE TECHNO EDGE: Innovations in Color

Face Atelier has (literally) hundreds of products, so there is something for everyone.  Here are some of their notable problem solvers:   Lip Lock -   a clear shellac that locks in lip color. Lip Putty -  a clear balm that is used under lipstick to fill in fine lines. Transforming Gel - can be blended with any loose or pressed powder product (including shimmers), transforming it into a long lasting paint for the face or body.   >>www.faceatelier.comBeauty for Real is a new brand founded by veteran makeup artist Leslie Munsell. Beauty for Real launched with one essential lip pencil, which is for all skin tones and a collection of long-lasting plumping lip glosses that are infused with marine collagen, grape seed and green tea extracts, aloe vera and avocado oils. The glosses come equipped with a light and mirror for easy application anywhere. A new, non-smudging mascara equipped with the same handy light and mirror has also just been launched.

Youngblood is another collection with something for everyone. Youngblood is a mineral line that is known for minerals done well. They offer foundations (loose and pressed powder and liquid), mineral primer, concealer, bronzer, blush, eye shadow, the works. Their newest addition, Hi-Def Hydrating Powders in White and Warmth (a must for darker skins), are some of the softest powders out there.

The Mehron Makeup Celebre Pro HD concealer has 16 shades, divided into 4 color families: Light, Medium, Medium Dark and Dark. The formulation is enriched with Aloe, Pomegranate and Vitamin E. Mehron is a Pro line with a broad collection of tools, body paints, glitters and special effects kits.

Trae Bodge is a 20 year beauty industry veteran who, in addition to being a freelance beauty and lifestyle journalist, consults with beauty companies on color product development and establishing brand voice.  Trae is currently at work on a series of practical beauty how-to books. Trae can be reached at



BE visited The Spa & Resort Expo along with The Medical Aesthetics Conference in NYC, NY. This is a combined conference that covers the scope of both current spa treatments and products along with innovative medical cosmetic services. We tried new products, relaxed with the iin light laser therapy (very cool and therapuetic experience!!) and took a trend "snap-shot" delivered in this issue of OnTheEdge.

While this may not be one of the "bigger" conferences of the year, it certainly did deliver innovation and unique ideas as starter points to generate creative concepts and "out of the box" beauty options. (see TheKissingEdge) Enjoy this issue and feel free to let us know your thoughts at

THE CUSTOMIZED EDGE: Customized Therapies

t spheres ® customized aromatherapy massage! After over 15 years of research and development, t spheres ® combines two of the most researched alternatives for treating stress: massage and aromatherapy. Never available before, this two in one portable product allows the user to individualize when, where, and how to self-massage while incorporating the benefits of aromatherapy essential oils. The special rubber material that composes the massage balls allows them to absorb and retain essential oils that last from 3 to 6 months. Available in 3 aromatherapy infusions & colors, each set includes a spray-top re-infuser and simple "how to use" pictorial instructions in a travel bag.

How does it work?

Aromatherapy is released from t spheres ® upon contact. This allows for natural stress-relief. When the original aromatherapy infusion oils run out, the t spheres can be re-booted using the included spray-top re-infuser.Each set has its own unique set of benefits. The Perk Up set combines peppermint and grapefruit, giving the user improved concentration and circulation.

Peppermint’s beneficial qualities:

. Decongestant . Reduces fatigue, increases mental alertness . Traditionally used to treat travel sickness and heartburn

Grapefruit’s beneficial qualities:

. Antidepressant and emotional stimulant . Diuretic qualities . Helps in treatment of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Also available are Inner Beauty with Rose Geranium infused t spheres ® for lifting the spirit and allowing your inner beauty to shine, and a smaller set of tiny t spheres, Pep-Up-Mint, which uses peppermint to naturally reduce pain and increase concentration. t spheres massage balls can be heated, cooled, and used almost anywhere on the body.


DoshaCareOrganic skincare that evolves with you! How? The DoshaCare products are based around the users individual doshas; worldly elements that supports inner peace, outer health and ageless living. Combined with this is the knowledge of the Ayurvedic tradition of India with the sophistication of western science.

The three main doshas are Vata (wind), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (earth). Before selecting products, customers identify their primary and secondary doshas by answering an eight-question quiz. The answers help customize which products “fit” the user. With 17 individual products to choose from, DoshaCare offers varied solutions to help balance and address all of the characteristics of any given skin type!

Vata skin is dry to dehydrated. Pitta skin is normal to sensitive. Kapha skin is oily to congested. Cleanser, masque, and moisturizer should be chosen based on the primary dosha. Skin regimens can be further customized by choosing the DoshaCare Elixir based on the secondary doshas. The skin dosha is more than just a skin “type”- it reflects one’s personality and general nature. DoshaCare’s products are designed to help the consumer achieve an authentic radiance - inside and out!

DoshaCare also prides itself in offering both natural and sustainable products. 98% of all ingredients in DoshaCare come from botanical sources and most are organic and wild craft harvested!

The DoshaCare Journey Includes:

. Rituals . Routine . Self Massage . Meditation . Daily exercise . Vibrant Foods . Hydration . Affirmations

THE ACTIVE EDGE: Innovative Ingredients


The secret to ageless skin in 10-14 days! This revolutionary anti-aging product collection was discovered in Provence and devised from a secret French formula. The formulas in Adorage, blends nature (phytoextracts), with science (active ingredients), to create a unique product that restores glow and youth to the skin.

Innovative active ingredients include Glycolic Acid, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C. Phytoextractingredients serve as powerful antioxidants to fight the effects of aging and interact with biochemical processes to improve skin’s appearance and health.

Phytoextracts and their benefits

. Soya extract: Boosts and maintains the skin’s production of collagen. Also fights moisture loss. . Wild Yam extract: A strong antioxidant, restores hormonal balance of the skin. . Mulberry extract: Keeps skin fresh with its mild brightening and clarifying properties. . Sunflower extract: A powerful antioxidant, gives skin clarity and suppleness. . Rosemary extract: One of the strongest antioxidants known in dermatology. Known for its miraculous lifting and rejuvenating effects. . Jojoba extract: An incredible moisturizer and anti-inflammatory agent. . Shea Tree extract: Softens skin with natural fatty acids and protects it from dryness as well as other climatic stresses.

Featured Product

Powerful 30% Arnica Gel helps significantly reduce patients’ bruising and swelling due to esthetic injections, chemical peeling, laser and mesotherapy injections.


Cellergie ®Anti-aging NADH Cosmeceuticals newly launched to the U.S. What is NADH? NADH stands for Nicotinamide-Adenine-Dinucleotide. The H stands for Hydrogen, which reacts to the oxygen in cells to produce water and ATP (chemical energy). The more NADH a cell has available, the more energy the cell can produce, making it function better and live longer.

It was originally believed that NADH was too unstable to be used therapeutically. After 20 years of research it has been done and the Cellergie ® NADH Cell Serum is the result! Why is this important? When people get older, their cells don’t produce as much ATP and water, causing the cells and skin to age. NADH is also one of the most important coenzymes in the body, essential for more than 1000 metabolic reactions:

. NADH increases ATP energy in every cell. . NADH repairs altered DNA and damaged cells. . NADH acts as one of the strongest anti-oxidants.

Used by Dermatologist, the NADH Cell Serum produces a true anti-aging effect for the aging skin by restoring water and energy and making the skin appear younger and firmer.


SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF ™ Broad-Spectrum Antioxidant After five years of research Phloretin from SkinCeuticals is a newly identified molecule derived from the bark of apple, grapefruit, and pear trees! Skin gets strengthened support on the inside and a more radiant, firm, and youthful appearance on the outside.

It is known for its antioxidant properties and has been studied as a pigment-regulating agent. Phloretin has a unique molecular structure which makes it such a powerful antioxidant as well as a anticancer, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory agent. Phloretin CF ™ capitalizes on all of these aspects, the result - a broad-spectrum treatment that fights skin damage at every level!

The broad-spectrum activity of Phloretin CF ™ :

. Prevents DNA damage . Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis . Inhibits UV-induced discolorations and erythema . Accelerates skin’s natural repair process

Phloretin CF ™, proven to be a powerful antioxidant, helps correct visible signs of photo-damage, particularly age spots and discolorations. Clinical results show reduction of wrinkles, laxity, mottled texture, and age spots for dramatically healthier, stronger, and more radiant skin in as early as four weeks!


CorSilver service treatment for the faceBlown away by the success of their Silver Soap®, Cor has recently launched an extreme line of products to complement the benefits of this wonder bar. The cumulative effects of Cor’s cocktail of ingredients works uniquely for each individual, resulting in a natural, dewy-fresh glow of youth.

The Cor system is a convenient, simple set of products that cleanses and works effectively to achieve wonderful results for skin. With its new moisturizer, serum, and age-defying eye cream, it is now both possible and easy to have and maintain a perfectly polished face.

The products are designed to even out skin tone, cleanse, moisturize, and replenish collagen. All of these new products are based on the original Cor technology, using many of the same natural ingredients.

Natural Ingredients used in Cor and their Benefits

Silver: blocks and kills bacteria, speeds growth and repair of cells. . Silica: helps other ingredients penetrate the dermis layer of the skin. . Collagen: Cor soap contains 4 different types of collagen.

Chitosan:  a natural fiber that evens the skin tone and cleanses the skin. Sericin: a natural protein made from silk. It binds moisture and has UV ray inhibiting properties.

Foam...rinse...glow ®

THE LASER EDGE: Advances in Light Therapy


IInnLight - World’s first Molecular Massage™ The iinnLight Pro™ therapy system is the first light laser company to offer a non-invasive Molecular Massage™, a unique way to produce natural anti-aging effects. Light Emitting Diodes deliver rejuvenating photon light that, when absorbed into the skin, is transformed into energy that stimulates growth, repair, and regeneration of the human body.

iinnLight Pro™ therapy can even be administered multiple times per week to reduce stress and promote healthy aging. In just one 30 minute session, the iinnLight Molecular Massage™ provides the following benefits:

. Relieves stress . Promotes restfulness . Increases energy . Minimizes appearance of lines/wrinkles . Increases the efficacy of topical treatments

iinnLight also offers a variety of different therapy programs, each using different wavelengths (colors) of LED illumination. The Facial Program bathes the face with all of the wavelengths of LED illumination. This results in more production of collagen, and reduces appearance of fine lines. The Blue Wave Program uses mostly blue wavelengths of LED illumination, elevating the mood and increasing alertness. The Relief Program uses mostly red wavelengths, providing pain relief and reducing inflammation.

The SmartXide DOTThe innovation of CO2 laser technology. The CO2 laser – the “gold standard” in skin resurfacing technology since it was first reported in 1991 – produces superb results for patients. However, traditional CO2 laser resurfacing removes the entire skin surface, which results in a prolonged and somewhat difficult recovery. SmartXide DOT technology offers results approaching those of traditional CO2 laser resurfacing, but with complete recovery in only a few days!

The DOT system is unique because it uses customized patterns of micro-sized dots rather than attacking the skin’s entire surface. This leaves the skin around each of the perforations intact, speeding up the healing process and allowing for a more youthful appearance. The thousands of microscopic perforations stimulate collagen production to improve skin’s texture and tone. All of this is done without the pain and discomfort of traditional laser therapy. Only a topical anesthetic is needed for treatments and patients can apply makeup immediately after the procedure!

THE KISSING EDGE: Angel Kisses for Mani/Pedi's


Asian Kissing Fish:The latest emerging trend in the spa industry! Would you let a group of tiny fish nibble at your feet? Out of 10539 surveyed, 68% said yes! And why not? After all, the traditional manicure/pedicure involves scrubbing that can be painful. It can also be embarrassing to have a technician see and deal with the skin’s imperfections.

Is it safe? Yes! Fish cannot be infected with skin conditions or infections. Asian Kissing Fish provide anonymous, safe, and effective care, and plus, most people love the feeling of being “kissed” by the fish! The gentle nibbling feels like a micro-massage and like many therapies, helps in reducing stress and treating various skin conditions.

Asian Kissing Fish ease the symptoms of:

. Psoriasis . Eczema . Dermatitis

All of these skin conditions result in dry, scaly, and painful skin. Asian Kissing Fish can help alleviate pain, reduce stress, and if nothing else, it’s a good story to tell friends!



BE attended The Makeup Show, NYC held at the Metropolitan Pavilllion in NYC on May 18-19, 2008. The only trade show for makeup professionals of it's kind, it's co-produced by Metropolitan Events & Production.

BE arranged an exclusive interview with makeup artist James Vincent, who has worked in all mediums of make-up including magazines, runways and television. His client list includes Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, Fuse, MTV, BBC and BET. Nylon magazine and WWD have named James as the "makeup artist to watch".

Latest trends, tips and color technologies were also shared by Eve Pearl, 5 time Emmy award winning, celebrity makeup artist , David Klasfeld, print, runway and film Make Up Artist CEO and Creative Director of OCC, Trae Bodge co-founder of 3 Color Custom and Lori Taylor, Pro Artistry Manager at Smashbox.

Color Cosmetic Trends Fall/Winter 08/09

Exclusive, from makeup artist James Vincent

. Texture and application will be key coming this Fall/Winter 08/09.  We will be seeing more combined textures like matt with slight shimmer.

. Matt texture is resurfacing with a return to a matt lip that is modern, softer, sheerer and more wearable than matt’s of the past.

. We’ll see an evolvement away from the high frost to a more refined, easy to wear shine that’s most flattering for women.

. Color is vital.  The oranges and pinks of Spring 2008 will evolve into richer colors for Fall. Blacks and blues around eyes will soften and there will be an evolvement from deep burgundy to softer berries.

. We will see a softer, gentler, fuller eye brow with a less severe arch and eyes will be emphasized with “big” lashes.


TheVisualEdge: Innovative Color


Eve Pearl – Luxury Brand of CosmeNutrients. Eve just upped the performance of her infamous Salmon Concealer by making it a treatment product too! Astaxanthin infused in this shadow reducing concealer is a potent anti-oxidant. Harvested from micro algae, it’s 1000 times more potent than vitamin E for lipd peroxidation. The formula is packed with nutrients like omega-3, anti-oxidants and Vitamin E plus peptides. The salmon color of the concealer helps neutralizes the dark blue undertones from the skin eliminating those green/grey raccoon eyes caused by yellow-based concealers that tend to highlight and accentuate the problem. According to Eve Pearl, no need to apply a moisturizer before using the concealer. The base is moisturizing and beneficial enough to apply directly onto cleansed eye area.

>> eve pearl


Make Up For Ever –  Get camera ready!  High definition imagery shows pictures that are six times as sharp as previous, softer grained images.  Fine lines and wrinkles, skin imperfections, shine, makeup mistakes and incorrectly matched foundation can all be obvious under the high definition lens.

Make Up For Ever has just created a collection of camera ready products that withstand the scrutiny of this new generation of digital imagery.  High Definition Primer, High Definition Foundation and High Definition Powder work to give skin a soft focus look under digital technology.

HD Primer acts as a preparation product that creates a protective film on the skin’s surface and operates as a shield, preventing the foundation from penetrating the skin.  The primer also helps to create a soft focus effect to the complexion. Formulated with Silica Micro Beads that act as light refractors to both man-made and natural light, it veils imperfections.  Nourishing ingredients act as moisturizers to protect skin from dryness, providing a well balanced canvas for foundation application.

HD Foundation covers skin imperfections yet remains invisible to the eye on screen or in real life. This invisible coverage formula has been tested by professionals in front of HD cameras, and by real women in every type of light.  The formula is an oil-free, lightweight liquid with an extremely smooth texture.  Silica Micro Beads combined with Sericite Mica refract both man-made and natural light to veil imperfections creating a soft focus effect to skin.  Coated Amino Acid Pigments blend with the complexion to create the truest  colors in a wide range of skin tone shades.  A silicone elastomer was added as a mattifying agent to neutralize shine while nourishing moisturizers protect the skin from dryness.

HD Powder finishes off every look on every skin tone with sheer flawlessness.  A universal, invisible finishing powder, it further meets the demands of new digital imagery and high definition techniques.  Providing a soft focus effect, the formula is incredibly soft and satiny using ultra fine spherical micro-particles made of 100% Mineral Silica Powder.  The micro-particles allow natural and artificial light to reflect off of them softening and masking lines and imperfections for a perfect, radiant complexion on screen and in real life.  While the powder is a milky white color in the jar, the formula is translucent once applied to skin, making it the ideal finishing powder for all skin tones from light to deep.  Talc free and paraben free.



3 Custom Color - What's Old is New! Trae Bodge, Scott Catto and Chad Hayduk, the “Three” Specialists in Three Custom Color just introduced Light Brights, a lip color collection reminiscent of the 80’s dance scene.  Launched a few weeks ago, the lip colors are right on target for 2008’s Spring/Summer color season that features bold, hot, and neon-like tones.  The gleaming colors of fashion do not necessarily translate well when worn bold on skin.  Day Glo Florescents collaborated with 3 Color Cosmetics to create 4 soft, sheer, modern, playful, wearable tints. The moisturizing stains are great for all skin tones and have names that evoke the nightlife of a totally awesome decade!


THE EXCLUSIVE EDGE: Tips and Tricks Revealed


Smashbox - Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder.  Exclusive only through QVC, this anti-aging pressed powder actually allows the user to grind only as much powder needed for loose powder application.  No product waste, no hard shiny build-up on pressed powder surface, no spillage of extra powder when opened.  Application is sheer with a natural luminous look.   Made with “good for skin” ingredients including a hydrating blend of vitamins and Gogi berry, a powerful antioxidant. The formula is also infused with encapsulated water to refresh the skin on contact and provide a hydrated look that won't accentuate lines and wrinkles.  Good for all skin types, the powder is oil, talc, and paraben free.



James Vincent, Make Up Artist

Innovative Cosmetic Application Tips:

. With face powder application, the size of brush matters! “ People have a tendency to over powder their face after foundation application.”  James recommends using a small face brush (he uses a crease brush) to finish the face and create a flawless look. . His favorite finishing powder?  Make Up Forever HD powder. . A natural looking brow is important! Use a gel liner to sketch in individual hairs. If needed, follow with taupe shadow or pencil in the brow to create a natural look. . James prefers to use taupe powder followed by a pencil to line the eyes. It offers a natural shadow and creates a softer gradation of color than lining completely with a dark black line. It also offers a guideline to follow so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes.


OCC - Lip Tricks! Like your current day lip color, but need a little more intensity for night wear? Layer a small amount of OCC’s Tarred lip balm, a black lip base color, over your favorite day lip color to intensify the look for evening wear.



Elegant Faces Lashes…eyes all a flutter!  There “is” a way to wear “a little fluttery wing” without the Twiggy look. Elegant Faces Lashes offers a wide selection of shapes and lengths for extra eye drama that allows evolvement of the theatrical look of lashwear to an easy every day eye accessory.  Achieve a voluminous, natural lashy look with their most popular lash set using only ½ a lash    Half lash application makes it easy for daily wear.  Hint:  The best way to apply lashes is to put a mirror on the table, look down and apply.  Dot a very small amount of lash glue along the lash trim and set it gently along lash line ½ way in the center of the eyelid to the outer edge of eye.



Eye Candy - Linda Mason, known for her out of the box non-traditional make-up application, just launched her latest book called Eye Candy.  This step by step instructional book offers a range of visual applications  from wearable everyday makeup to dramatic runway looks.  Illustrated are 50 different eye color applications.  It’s easy to use and comprehend and great for color ideas in the product development marketing departments or for beginner make-up artists.


THE TEXTURAL EDGE: Myths and Truths on Minerals, Airbrushing and HD Make Up

Top 3 Myths of Air Brushed Make-up Application

(David Klasfeld of OCC Makeup)

Myth: Airbrush application is hard. Truth:  Airbrushing is as simple as point and spray.  The “equipment” can be intimidating, but once you get passed that, application is a breeze…literally!

Myth:  Airbrushed make-up means more moveable make-up. Truth:  It’s a given that your make-up foundation should be able to move with skin expressions whether air-brushed or manually applied.  Make-up that doesn’t budge is not your friend.  Years ago alcohol based make-ups used with air-brushing caused cracking and peeling of foundation.  Today’s innovative formulas are water based and oil-free to reduce the dry look on skin without harsh mattifying agents.

Myth:  HD (High Definition) Make-up is a product Truth:  HD make-up is a technique. Whether applied with an airbrush or without, it’s all about the talent of the hands that apply the make-up. Because of its full coverage, but ultra-sheer texture, airbrush makeup is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make sure your makeup stands up to the scrutiny of a hi-definition camera, but a hand-applied foundation can be meticulously blended to work well too.


The Truth about HD Make Up and Airbrushing

(James Vincent, Make Up Artist)

. Airbrushing is a great option for makeup artists and real women for daily use once the technique of application is learned.

. With HD photography, airbrushing does not always have to be the final option.   You can achieve the same application used with fingers as you can with an airbrush, however, airbrush is favored for high definition photography because it deposits color in pixels (small particles), the same way TV translates it’s image on the screen.

. Basically, the HD camera sees what the naked eye sees.  It screens images 10x’s more in HD so the need for less make-up application is a technique that is changing in the TV/photography/film industries.

. HD makeup is more mattifying on purpose!  It’s designed to read like skin on the HD monitor.  The make-up starts out matt, then a natural shine will come through.

. James' recommendation for one of  the best HD foundations;  Make Up For Ever's new HD foundation.  “Love the foundation!  It’s not limited to just HD use, it’s a great option for everyday wear as well.”      The formula is beautiful and looks natural on skin. It has great coverage and can be used for any area of application.”

The Professional View on Mineral Make Up

(James Vincent, Make Up Artist)

. Mineral powder foundations are really easy to apply. It’s simple and works well for a quick application especially for today’s busy lifestyle. “It’s great for real women and makes them feel good.”

. All makeup is mineral makeup. Mineral Makeup diffuses light and when applied the correct way gives a more flawless finish.  It’s made up of different shape and particle sizes that reflect and refract light.

. It’s a great option for clients who have sensitive skin, post-op  surgery, chemo or radiation.

. The best Mineral Makeup?   James recommends Alison Rafaelle mineral foundation…”it’s amazing”.

. What tends to hinder the look of mineral make-up is the flash that is used during photography sessions.  That’s why professional makeup artists prefer other textures and methods of make-up application. The minerals create shine and flash it back in photos.  If used all over the face it can create a shiny, sweaty, non-professional look.




BE attended IECSC, NY held at the Javits Convention Center on April 28, 2008.  This conference is one of three held nationally in the U.S.  Held in different states, each conference offers new treatment ideas, trends, and up to the minute education on spa, wellness and medi-spa techniques and products.

Evolving Treatment Trends


Indigenous Ingredients Novelty "Lux" Ingredients


Resurgence of Chemical Peels


Wellness: Nutraceuticals/Organics

Continuing Service Trends

. Teeth Whitening . Airbrushed Tanning


There were a number of  product brands that contained "lux" ingredients like: gold, truffles, champagne and caviar. An interesting line called Om Aroma & Co.  has taken the leap to "Sexy Green" with a luxury-organic spa and skincare collection that merges "lux ingredients" with organics. Nutraceuticals for anti-aging, complete wellness systems, and detoxifying  products are increasing their presence at the beauty conferences.  We will report more on this after attending IECSC Las Vegas, in June of this year. Innovative bath products have increased their presence as well.  For fresh ideas check out BOMB cosmetics.

THE THERAPEUTIC EDGE: Hormonal Innovations


C'ELLE. Your monthly miracle! Studies are underway to determine if collecting menstrual stem cells could be the future for developing customized anti-aging products. Cryo-Cell International, Inc.'s news release dated April 14, 2008, announced results of a study published this month in Cell Transplantation, The Regenerative Medicine Journal. The study shows that stem cells found in menstrual blood proliferate rapidly and have significant potential to develop into multiple cell types. These findings could mean that the cells have the potential to one day treat a host of diseases. The stem cells in menstrual blood, known as MenSCs, are stromal stem cells, meaning they have the capability to differentiate into important cells, such as bone, cartilage, fat, nerve and cardiogenic cells. Menstrual stem cells are easily collected by using a safe, non-invasive process in the privacy of your own home. For any woman who presently experiences a menstrual period, regardless of her age, the ideal time to participate in C'elle is clearly the present.



Vulvare: Anti-aging for “down there”! This is not the first time BE has mentioned that there is an emerging trend on beautifying “down below”. (see OnTheEdge: 10/07/2007) Vulvare, moisturizer for external vaginal dryness, is pioneering the way for product launches that pamper this “private” area. It’s the only physician-formulated cream that contains non-irritating proteins and emollients. Vulvare is not a vaginal lubricant but a specific restorative cream for the most intimate of places. This light, yet rich cream/lotion (yes, we tried it!) is infused with soy isoflavones, soluble collagen, and plant extracts. Benefits help to combat the effects of estrogen-deprived skin and other general discomfort associated with external vaginal dryness and menopause.

>> Vulvare

Key ingredients and benefits include:

. Hydrolyzed Elastin - high in protein, toning, nourishing . Orzya Sativa; Rice Bran Oil - emollient . Soluble Collagen - hydrating . Squalane - emollient derived from olives . Panax Ginseng Root Extract - balancing . Orange Roughy Oil - softening

Vulvare was developed under the guidance of leading gynecologist and Medial Director of the Manhattan Center for Vaginal Surgery, Ronald. D. Blatt M.D., F.A. C. O. G.

>> Click here for more information on elective genital cosmetic surgery procedures.


Derma BeddingDermaTherapy… Need a good night’s sleep?! This innovative bedding has been clinically proven to show that women who suffer from hot flashes can regain a restful night’s sleep. A woven polyester-nylon blend with an anti-microbial infusion wicks wetness away from the body and disperses it within layers of the bedding so that it evaporates. The material works better than cotton and the action is similar to that of high performance athletic apparel. Antimicrobial treatment maintains freshness and eliminates odors on the fabric caused by germs and bacteria. Studies show an increased improvement over a 4-8 week period of participants characterized as poor sleepers. The conclusive studies show that DermaTherapy Fabrics can be used to dramatically enhance the therapeutic properties of bed linens, particularly as they relate to hot flashes and night sweats.

. The measure of overall sleep quality indicated that poor sleepers could regain normal sleep habits.

. Specific components of sleep quality, including subjective sleep quality, sleep latency, sleep duration, sleep disturbances, and daytime dysfunction were also significantly improved.

. Enhancements in the overall quality of life in terms of the amount of uninterrupted sleep, ability to keep cool, ability to keep dry, amount of sweating and comfort were seen after only 2 weeks of use.

>> DermaTherapy

THE INNER EDGE: Evolving Trends


Aura-Soma®Color energy to enhance your well-being. Right on target with the evolving trend of mysticism and self-discovery, Aura-Soma works with an interactive approach to color that makes positive changes in your life and helps shape your future. Although Aura-Soma has been in the U.S. for 20 years, this was the first time they have participated in IECSC, NY. The collection is touted to be the first system for spiritual awakening. The formulas are blended with the energies of herbs, essential oils, gems, crystals and pure water. Crystal and gem energies are transferred into the products through sound. Then, gold and pyramidal energies are blended to stabilize and harmonize the process. How it works: Choose four different bottles from a line-up of over 100 color combinations. From there, a trained AURA-SOMA® Practitioner can guide you through the significance of the sequence of your choices and enable a deeper investigation of each of the levels of colors and what their respective messages imply. Your chosen colors have the capacity to support you in a deeper understanding of your "soul" selves, past, present and to come. For information, copy and paste into your browser.



Mesoestetic®The Chemical Peel Come Back. With the economy on the downside, signs are showing that the demand for costly cosmetic procedures will be dropping off too. Although statistics are not yet conclusive, national newspaper articles are reporting that a drop in cosmetic procedures that drew a steady income for doctors is declining. While consumers may be tightening their budgets, they still strive to look good, which may trigger a resurgence of the more affordable chemical peeling procedure.

Exfoliating peels have a long history. Fermented milk led the way to beauty rejuvenation for the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. Wine and vinegar came into play by the middle ages. The 1930’s saw an introduction of Phenol. TCA became the standard choice in the 1950’s. Glycolic and AHA peels surged in the 80’s and the cocktailing and modified acids found their place in the 1990’s.

Now, a new generation of the chemical exfoliating process has emerged with more choices to select from for skin conditions, benefits, and ethnicities.

Mesoestetic®, with innovative formulations from Spain, recently launched in the U.S. with a collection of 4 different pure acid chemical exfoliants at varying concentrations. Acids range from 95-99% pure, are non-buffered, and provide wound healing benefits through 2 active ingredients:

Arginine – a powerful amino acid that is naturally formed in the skin and is abundant in the connective tissue.

Glycine – naturally formed in the body to construct healthy DNA strands. Glycine in the body repairs damaged tissues.

The collection and peel benefits:

Glycolic Acid – 99% pure acid

. Naturally derived from sugar cane or rhubarb. . Concentrations 20%, 35%, 50% and 70% . Benefits: Fine lines and wrinkles, photo-aging, stimulates collagen and elastin.

Mandelic Acid – 98% pure acid

. Naturally derived from bitter almonds. . Concentrations: 30%, 40% and 50% . Benefits: Combination skin types, acne mixed with photo-aging, good for sensitive skin and skin of color.

Salicylic Acid – 99% pure acid

. Naturally derived from wintergreen or willow bark. . Concentrations: 10%, 20% and 30% . Benefits: Excellent for oily, acne prone complexions and some cases of rosacea.

Lactic Acid – 95% pure acid

. Naturally derived from fermented milk. . Concentrations: 30%, 40% and 50% . Benefits: Mature, wrinkled skin, helps hydrate skin, stimulates collagen and elastin.




Sophyto™ -healthy skincare for life™ So healthy, so effective, so eco-conscious, Sophyto focuses on the health of the skin as opposed to claims of “time-travel in a tube”. Just launched in the U.S.,  this heavily endorsed eco-lux premium skincare brand is the first professional certified organic skincare collection to receive the coveted UK Soil Association certificate and licensing. Requirements for the stringent licensing are that the formulas have to contain a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients. The brand also holds a multitude of additional licenses/certifications/symbols including biodegradable ingredients, vegan, ERP, and the compact for safe cosmetics.

The goal of Sophyto is to educate consumers to not just accept a company’s word that their range is organic or natural; instead, the goal is to encourage consumers to look for certifying symbols and license numbers on packaging and understand what types of ingredients are being used

Prohibited ingredients: petrochemicals, triclosan, hydrogenated fats, mineral oils, hexane and similar solvents, non-organic or synthetic fragrances and colors, polysorbates, ethanolamides, alkyl sulphates and alky ethyl sulphates, parabens.

Prohibited processes:  genetic modification, ethoxylation, hydrogenation, sulphonation, ionizing radiation, solvent extraction except with water, ethanol, glycerin, CO2, nanotechnology.

From start to finish the product development process utilizes eco-efficient practices;  components are recyclable and all waste generated at the U.K. manufacturing site is biodegradable and/or shipped to a special recycling facility that ensures that wastes are sanitized and odors contained.  Development was created and led by Karen Sinclair Drake along with a select team of chemists who specialize in green science.



Rain,created for livingby hand.  Experience a stunning collection of indigenous spa and soap products with luxury appeal!  Rain, the brand name, offers  multiple groupings of personal care products produced in Africa. The line-up includes African Rain, Avocado,Marula and Rooibox, Savannah and Wild Cotton. The African Spa products incorporate acurative value of many of Africa’s indigenous plant products that grow in the abundance of the African soil, such as kalahari melon, baobab and wildeals. The plant products are harvested and fairly traded by small rural producers who are party to environmental management and fair trade charters. The human touch is visible in all of the products and is what makes them precious.  Everything is handmade, infused with passion, love, laughter, and hope that contributes to Africa’s work opportunities, skills training, income, and a better quality of life.

>> Rain 


Dr.’s REMEDY™ Healthy polish for nails!Dr.’s REMEDY™Healthy polish for nails! This collection of enriched nail colors are the only over the counter formulas  created by two podiatrists.  The premise of the development for the polish was to create safe and nourishing products with natural occurring anti-fungal ingredients. The formulas are  free from formaldehyde, DBP, and Toluene.   Added ingredient benefits are;  Vitamins C and E for healthier skin and nails, wheat protein to help with moisture binding and to naturally increase shine, tea tree oil to help provide antiseptic and anti-fungal benefits, and garlic bulb extract which contains allicin, a powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral agent to help kill germs. Users who have tried the polish say that the formulas wear just as well as their salon polish. The current color collection contains 5 colors and 1 topcoat.  A base coat is in development and a French kit is due to launch June 1, 2008.

>>Dr's. Remedy


THE EXCITEMENT: An Exhilerating Experience

BE had "coveted" access to the limited release tickets of QVC's BeautyBash held at QVC's headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Rumor has it that 2,000 tickets were released to the public for sale, and sold out within 24 hours. Why such a quick sellout? Because QVC has faithful viewers and purchasers who are "brand loyal". Plus, QVC taps into the consumer's emotional product use experience. So they keep coming back for more!

What exactly is a QVC BeautyBash?

From BE's perspective, QVC's BeautyBash is a high energy extravaganza with a keen resemblance to "going trick or treating" for cosmetics...what more could a cosmetic diva ask for? Upon entrance to QVC's studio building, attendees receive a big, sturdy, recyclable bag, a floor plan, a survey, and a check-off list of brands in attendance at the Bash.

Once inside the exhibit hall, attendees are free to investigate all brands. They find out about the latest and greatest promotions on their favorite products,...receive "super-sized" or full sized samples of products...learn skin, color, fragrance and haircare "tips" and have the chance to meet and speak with their favorite beauty-brand celebrity.

In essence, the BeautyBash provides a Sensoround experience for the consumer. She is exposed to textures, scents, and vibrance that reinforce an emotional and intellectual connection. Intimacy with a product or brand is created and leads to brand-loyalty and repeat purchases.


While attending the BeautyBash we asked ourselves . . . what else is creating the excitement and the draw? . . . what makes this event so appealing that people will actually post an ad on Craig's List to search for tickets and gain entry? . . . Is it the free samples? . . . Is there some hidden value about the products?...Is it because the consumer gets to "rub shoulders" with the "celebrity" founders and makers of the beauty products? (even we couldn't resist having our photo taken with our favorite Mally.)

While most of the answers to the above questions are YES, the important aspect that BE captured was that the consumer's trust and loyalty are re-enforced at such events.

Is there something here to be learned as product development marketers? . . . something that we can capture and use to develop intriguing brands and promote our own beauty products? Perhaps, . . . .!!

5 Tips for building brand loyalty

1. Make an emotional and intellectual connection to the consumer. 2. Deliver high value for the customer. 3. Create a high touch, low tech experience. 4. Package fun, intrigue and identity from a consumer use perspective. 5. Provide simple to understand product information.

*****News to share from brands we visited...


Actifirm: Face Firm Face Firm is the newest product from Actifirm launching late Spring.  Targeted to 40 + women - Face Firm utilizes Actifirm's exclusive mushroom extract.  After just one application, Face Firm improves the appearance of superficial fine lines and wrinkles and helps to make skin feel firmer.

The following key technologies of Face Firm are proprietary, patented and trademarked:

Actimatrix - a patented formula that includes Mucor Meihei mushrooms.

Actisea 100 - a combination of concentrated extracts from select marine algae and the inner gel of Aloe barbadensis Miller.

Actifirm Ultra - the main ingredient in Face Firm; a combination of extracts from rosemary, cornflowers and Gotu Kola.



DuWop: Cheek VenomThey've done it again! 10 years after the launch of LipVenom, DuWop has created a cheek formula with stunning results. We had a personal application of DuWop Cheek Venom from Cristina B. herself! Applied with fingers, it glides on skin with a light, satiny-smooth texture and contains long-wear pigments for day-long lasting color. Benefits of the blush helps to firm, tighten and condition skin through a blend of silicones, hyaluronic acid and essential oils. Available in two shades. Sidewinder, a gorgeous nude flush, and Diamondback a hot coral pink.




Tova: Tova Signature.  Who was the first woman to sell over 10 million bottles of fragrance to-date? Tova!  And,  she is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of her first fragrance Tova Signature (created by Manheimer Inc. a division of Kerry Group). Nominated for the 2008 Fragrance Hall of Fame at this year's FIFI awards, the fragrance is as relevant for women today as it was 25 years ago. It defined a category...clean sensuality, in a time when heavy hit- you- in- the face fragrances were being launched (think Giorgio). With a high concentration, 28.5% fragrance, notes include; Crisp bergamot, jasmine absolute, lavender, sandalwood and clean, sensual musk.



100% Pure Actifirm Arcona Bare Escentuals Borba Bourjois BriteSmile Caudalie Clarisonic Clinique DDF Diane Young Dr. Denese Dr. Goldfadden DuWop Facial Concepts Frederic Fekkai Joan Rivers Beauty Joey NY Jonathan Product Juara Juice Beauty Kate Somerville Kinerase Laura Geller L'Occitane Lorac Mally N.V. Perricone M.D. Nick Chavez Ojon Olivella Peter Thomas Roth Philosophy beauty Pink Sugar Prescriptives ProStrong QVC Insider Raw Color Redpoint Skyn Iceland Smashbox Sue Devitt Tarte Tova Beauty Tricia Sawyer Wen by Chaz Dean

The Need for Collecting, Analyzing and Sharing Research in the Spa and Spa Resort/Hotel Industry

THE HOTEL / RESORT / SPA EDGE: A Challenging Experience

BE attended a Hotel/Resort Spa panel discussion at Cornelia Day Spa presented by The Cornell Hotel Society - NYC chapter ( Moderated by Professor Mary Tabacchi, the panelists were challenged with questions about the most pressing issues that face the Hotel and Resort spa industry today.

The world of "spa" is one of the areas where we, in the beauty industry, gather inspiration to develop new products and fresh treatment ideas that creates aspiration for our customers.

While listening to the discussions, we asked ourselves... How do these issues that face the profitable and luxurious hotel and resort spa industry affect us as beauty marketers?...Are there opportunities here?...Are there possibilities to join forces and expand our brands into new areas of distribution so that we both win?

Knowing some of the challenges that the luxury Spa world faces, BE poses thoughts and ideas of the possibilities of new areas for product development!



1. Being Green and Going Green in a Spa environment 2. Creating a universal definition and experience of "Spa" 3. Collecting comprehensive data that will create a successful Spa benchmark 4. Deciding which comes first? Branding or the client Spa Experience? 5. Meeting the demands for today's healthy, wealthy, baby boomers

According to Susie Ellis, President of SpaFinder, "It would help to have an agreed-upon definition of what we consider a ‘spa’. "One big issue is the lack of meaningful benchmarking in our industry. We need consolidated market intelligence, as well as standards by which data from diverse sources can be compared."


If a universal concept of Spa is defined, we as beauty marketers may need  to change our thinking about how we developaspirational products and our customer's thinking about how she uses and experiences the products we develop.

THE EXPERIMENTAL EDGE: Branding vs. A Spa Experience

While branding and communicating a spa culture was the constant theme throughout the discussions, the client's experience is just as important, as noted by audience guest and consumer trend specialist, Roben Allong  ( Roben states that "The "massification" of the Well-being trend and its growing placement in the mind of the average consumer makes the "spa experience" no longer exclusive only to the rich jet set but available, attractive and attainable to Joe and Josephine Average living in Topeka, Kansas shopping for well-being, natural treatment products at their local Target or Wal-Mart."

Evident through the discussions was that while the hotel industry is clearly branded, the spa industry may not concentrate so much on branding, as the goal of spas is to be unique.  Globally, techniques and expectations of treatments and services vary.  Additionally, spa dwellers in general need to better comprehend the difference between a $90 body massage and a $200 body massage.

In an effort to better understand and flesh out challenges in this industry, the first Global Spa Summit was held last year in NYC.  This year's summit is scheduled for May 18-20th, 2008 and is  by "invitation only" (   With an all inclusive price of $2290, for attendees, spouses and significant others are encouraged to attend all social functions and conference sessions at an additional $495.

EdgeNote: See Well-Being: Redefining a Mega Trend, the 2008 HBA/RealityCheck study that evaluates the emotional drivers for Well-Being and a look to the future of this mega trend. Available via podcast on both and websites shortly.


Where can babyboomers and 24/7 healthy wanna-a-be's go to "have it all"?  A Spa Lifestyle Community could be the answer.   According to Mary Gendron, “The trend toward incorporating spas into real estate communities makes perfect sense and is in line with the Baby Boom generation's concern with health and longevity." It also aligns with the value that younger generations are placing on work-life balance.


» Canyon Ranch Living     » Miraval Living

EdgeNote:  Are Spa Communities the opportune place for larger companies to co-brand?...or identify a new distribution channel?

THE PANELISTS: Information and Contact Links

While all of the solutions may not yet be answered for the luxury spa industry, there certainly seems to be opportunities to join forces with another division of beauty. Feel free to contact the panelists directly for further questions and BeautyEdge for all of your innovative product development needs.


Susie Ellis: Susie is president of SpaFinder, leads the world's most prominent spa marketing, media and research company, and is recognized worldwide as a top authority on the spa industry.


Sandra Sadowski:  Sandra is the Director of Spa and Fitness la prairie at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Board of Directors Member of NYSPA (New York Spa Alliance), Ritz-Carlton Spa Advisory Board Member, New York Spa and Resort Expo Advisory Board Member, ISPA member and SpaBuzz Member.


Deniz Omurgonulsen:  Deniz is the Director, Membership Development at The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. Leading Spas is the first and only global accreditation program for luxury spas.

» Leading Hotels of the World Spas


Matthew Melville: 

Matthew is a Senior Associate with the New York Office of HVS, a global hospitality consulting and services firm.

More information on Mr. Melville's background can be found via the following link:

» Matthew Melville


Steven O'Neal: 

Steven is the General Manager of Cornelia Day Resort; David Evangelista Salon at Cornelia Day Resort. With 8 years in the spa and fitness industry, Steven has held senior level roles  with Hilton Hotel’s luxury portfolio premiere Hotel-Spa, NYC’s Peninsula Spa and Equinox Fitness and Spa, respectfully.

» Cornelia Day Resort

Mary Gendron:

Mary Gendron is president of Middleton & Gendron, Inc., an award-winning New York-based public relations and brand communications firm that specializes in luxury hospitality, travel, and luxury goods and services, including spas. She was a founding board member of ISPA and currently serves on the board of New York Spa Alliance.

» Middleton & Gendron, Inc.

Anne R. Lloyd-Jones:

Anne is Senior Vice President of the New York office of HVS, the premiere global hospitality consulting firm. Ms. Lloyd-Jones’ particular areas of expertise include market studies, feasibility analysis, and appraisals. She has extensive consulting experience with an array of specialty hospitality properties, including spas, destination resorts and conference centers. More complete information can be found at:

» Anne Lloyd-Jones

Professor Mary Tabacchi, PhD, RD:

Doctor Tabacchi has been active in the spa industry since the early 1980s. Mary began teaching spa management and development in 1985 at Cornell University's Hospitality Management program and continues to do so presently. She has published hundreds of spa research papers and contributes frequently to Spa Business, Spa Asia, Asia Spa and Destination Spas.


THE SPA EDGE: A Sensoround Experience

BE visited “The Spa Experience” exhibition presented by SpaFinder at Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall.  We indulged in treatments, and took a deep dive to explore the more “fascinating” Spa’s represented.  We asked ourselves … What is it that spa customers seek, and we as beauty marketers need to provide in product or service? ... BE’s answer: a “sensoround experience” … an overall feeling of health and well-being ... escapism … inner-peace and healing … adventure and most important ... individuality.  Here’s our Top 7 Spa Choices reflecting a “sensoround” experience.



Ojai Valley Inn & Spa - Ojai, California – Discover your own artistic talents!   The newly opened artist's cottage at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa brings you in contact with local artists. Here,  you can discover and release your artistic talents in pottery, painting, drawing, wreath making, and papermaking.

The new apothecary is a special workplace where guests blend fresh herbs and  essential oils to create lotions and potionsfor their own personal use.  You can also stroll through the gardens and hand pick herbs and flowers to create a customized floral water distillatewith micro molecules of essential oils.  The applications are suitable for; skin care, hair care, personal care, and baby care, as well as culinary and household uses. Guests can golf, enjoy soothing and rejuvenating spa treatments, and engage in local events from the surrounding community.

» Ojai Valley Inn


RanchoLaPuerta - Tecate, Baja California, Mexico  - How can you be off the court and still on your game?! All inclusive, RanchoLaPuerta Resort offers a signature massage class called Release and Mobilize using tennis balls as  massage apparatus.   The class is taught seven days a week by fitness instructor Nathan Briner.  See link for simple techniques that you can use yourself.  Our favorite is “aching feet massage” . Click here to download step-by-step massage directions.

» RanchoLaPuerta


Pritikin Longevity Center® & Spa - Aventura, FL  -  It’s simple.  Eat right and exercise…but you don’t have the time to make an action plan let alone follow one!!  At Pritikin you receive a full internal/external body evaluation by a team of doctors who write orders for meal plans, exercise plans and wellness plans inclusive of Women’s Health (peri/post - menopause). This is for the serious minded desiring a lifestyle change, and even those who want improvement with diagnosed health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and hypertension.  Evaluations include sonograms of arteries to evaluate plaque build-up, complete blood chemistry panels, cholesterol and triglyceride reads, and stress tests. There are also plenty of leisure activities to enjoy like boating, golfing, swimming, and Spa treatments.


EdgeNote: American’s today consume an average of 3500-5000 calories per day….watch that morning muffin and coffee! At Pritikin meal plans are calculated on an average of 1500 calories per day offered in 6 different meal servings.  Go to Free Pritkin Recipe CD to sign up for a free cd of 200 healthy recipes and their newsletter.

» Pritkin Longevity Center


Ska:na – Verona, New York -  the Oneida Indian word for “peace” (Ska:na) is the experience you receive at The Spa at Turning Stone.  An exceptional line up of  signature treatments is offered with the opportunity to engage in an authentic American Indian Sweat Lodge Ceremony. Native Americans have used the sweat lodge for centuries as a means of cleansing the body and purging the spirit of impurities, expressing gratitude to the Creator and giving thanks for a personal gift of rebirth.

» Ska:na - The Spa at Turning Stone


the bodyholiday® at LeSPORT – St. Lucia -  Yes, there’s sun, golf, spa treatments, a slew of indoor/outdoor exercise and water sport programs…and, your own... BodyGuard!...individuals trained in a array of fitness disciplines to assure that you get the most out of your selected exercise programs…plus... Specialists….whether you’ve taken a stress reduction class or learned a new technique…these individuals keep in contact with you after you have arrived home to offer more information or help. Here you’ll gain the opportunity to acquire skills and insights that will enhance the rest of your life with a wonderful feeling of body-mind synchrony…and even the chance to try Circus Arts and Gymnastics!!!

» thebodyholiday


CuisinArt Resort & Spa – Anguilla -  Fine white crystal sand…clear, blue, ocean water…simply paradise. The unique feature at  CusinArt  is it’s hydroponic farm and organic garden that produces it’s own fruits and vegetables so that foods are fresh and are not imported. The Venus Spa features it’s own restorative and moisturizing hydroponic cucumber and aloe wrap with harvested cucumbers from the farm. CuisinArt Resort & Spa has begun an expansion of its award-winning Venus Spa to include areas for hydrotherapy and an exclusively designed Thalasso Pool, of heated Anguillan seawater, for natural, mineral-based therapy.

» Cuisin Art Resort and Spa


Grotta Giusti Natural Spa Resort – Tuscany, Italy - Enjoy a healthy, detoxifying, natural steam bath in the ancient grottoes.  Perspiration provoked by the Grotta sets off an intense purifying, detoxifying process which, together with an immediate sense of wellbeing, makes this a unique treatment for the complete restoration of the body and mind.  The temperature of the bath, which increases slowly to a maximum of 34° C, creates a "thermal steam bath" that helps eliminate toxins and stress in the body.

The Spa and Wellness Center  features a full array of treatments and services ranging from thermal water emersions, physical diagnostic checks and dermatological evaluations, mental training to strengthen memory and learning, oriental massage therapies, fitness training, aesthetic medicine and exclusive face and body treatments.

» Grotta Giusti Spa


Gran Melia, Golf Resort & Villas - Gran Melia, Puerto Rico - The YHI Spa at Gran Melia, Puerto Rico features the Rainforest Signature™ Treatment, a hydrating and rejuvenating body treatment that  draws inspiration from the magical and mystical sanctuary of the Rainforest. The menu of Spa services is both extensive and alluring, rich in an offering of eco-delights and tropical lushness. The Rainforest and Aroma Well-Being spa rituals and services have been designed to honor the mystery and power of the Rainforest; the sacred link between humans and nature.  Also available are Wellness, Hydrotherapy and Relaxation Centers, plus golf at nearby Coco Beach.

» Melia Hotels and Resorts

THE EFFECTIVE EDGE: Innovative Treatments


SmoothOver … Go for the professional Alpha Beta®  Peel from mdskincare® … a proprietary blend of alpha  and beta hydroxyl acids improves skin’s texture, firmness, vibrancy and radiance…without the irritation, and over-the-top “sting” of  high-performance chemical peels.

» Dr. Dennis Gross MD


Plump and Smooth Lips …ANEW, Clinical Plump & Smooth Lip System by Avon means “No needles necessary” for full lips with youthful definition. The doubled-ended applicator features step 1 - Surfa-Smooth technology™  to help smooth out deep vertical lines, while redefining lip contours around the lips and step 2 - Maxi-Full™ technology   to boost collagen and help make lips look fuller and plumper with natural lip color restored.

» Avon


Welcome to OnTheEdge.  An insider e-review of select beauty industry conferences featuring on-the-edge trends, technologies, products and treatments.  The most intriguing details of the conferences are captured and delivered to you in OnTheEdge, so you stay "in-the-know" without having to be "on-the-go".

Please enjoy this complimentary introductory issue.  Feel free to send your comments or thoughts. Cherie Buziak, BeautyEdge LLC -

THE PLASTIC EDGE: Plastic Surgery Procedures


Ethnicity Ownership: With a rise in ethnic reconstructive requests, the Surgeon’s goal  is to reconstruct features that fit the face without a change to the ethnicity.

P.U.L.L. stands for Pubic Undermining Lift and Liposuction.  Need we say more?!!

Male Appeal: Men are requesting cosmetic procedures with different outcomes based on age.. Mature Men are more accepting of plastic surgery and want to look younger, different  and rejuvenated.

Young Men request procedures to look refreshed but don’t want to look different.

Healthy Looks: Individuals experience “facial wasting” from diets, exercise and healthy living. This healthy living creates fat loss and hollows in the face making the face look older than the body. The key to facial rejuvenation is to add  fillers and minor lifts that add more volume and fullness to selected areas of the face.

Wellbeing: Savvy Plastic Surgeons are jumping in on the “well-being” trend, offering nutraceuticals, herbal medicines, organics, and nutritional supplements to their patients.

» Fallek Plastic Surgery» VIDEOjug

THE INNOVATION EDGE: New Products and Techniques


Liquid Hair Laser: Epilar This two-step system is an innovative way to significantly remove unwanted hair without the high cost of laser procedures. Trypsin, which breaks down proteins, is featured as part of the active formula.  Two patent pending gels are used and massaged into the skin after waxing.  First the inhibitor gel, then the activator gel are applied.  The formulas work in the hair follicle to help eliminate hair and prevent it from returning.   Expect at least a 20% reduction of hair regrowth after each treatment. » Epilar


Osmosis: Pur Medical SkinCare made an introduction at the conference featuring natural and chirally correct ingredients that work with the skin's own healing, antioxidant and remodeling processes.  Increased penetration and specially selected ingredients optimize results without irritating skin.

» Osmosis Skin Care


WhiteScience™: The Art of the Smile offers 3 innovative ways to rejuvenate your smile; Spa-White; a service treatment for spas and salons, WhiteIce; on-the-go maintenance and whitening care and SolarWhite; a unique alternative to whiten teeth using the sun’s energy.

» The Art of the Smile


Create fresh, signature skincare recipeswith an epicurean twist. “In-Spa” treatments with culinary inspiration makes you the Executive Skin Care Chef.  Choose a far away regional theme…Italy, for example,..compound freshly picked, luscious and earthy “foodie” ingredients from that province…once prepared, apply and massage gourmet treatments onto face or body with an ancestral grooming “tool” (strigel) of that country… the results? experiential journey that’s relaxing and exuberating with a little fantasy.


Il Primo infuse a Mediterranean Foot Soak with robust red wine, warm spring water, crushed herbs and essences for scent.

Il Secondo prepare a buttery, body conditioning massage with blended olive butter, natural essences and other natural oils to richly moisturize skin…once applied, the body is stroked with a Strigel* for a new soothing and exfoliating sensation. (*200 year old tool used by Greeks and Romans to scrape dirt and sweat off the body.)

Il Dolce finish with a scrumptious lip scrub, dripping with honey and blended with pulverized anise seed. » Stone Journey


Cognac infused Hair Serum:  Thinning,  over-processed, dry, brittle hair?  How about a cocktail serum using the finest of natural cognac (from oat)  known for it’s curative and powerful antioxidant benefits. Polyphenols in cognac significantly reduce the hardening of blood vessels and contribute to overall hair improvement.

» Nature Pure Store

“Fine Dining” for skin:  Supporting the “foodie” trend in skincare is Selvert Thermal making it’s way into the U.S. with a collection of anti-aging treatments.  Among the line-up of skin-benefit collections is the Delicatessen line.  The skincare list of products is presented in a restaurant style menu.

Luscious ingredients like Passion Flower, Papaya and more help moisturize, firm and create new sensations in skin care treatments.

SKIN CARE MENU of PRODUCTSStarters - Marmelade Scrub de Framboise To follow - Crème au Yaourt Hydratante To finish - Souffle Emulsion au Chocolat et Café

» Selvert Thermal

THE SENSOROUND EDGE: Sensory Experience


Bamboo Massage: A very exotic,  sensual and original technique uses various sizes of natural bamboo that are massaged on the contours of the body to help relax, drain and reshape curves.  Massage effects using bamboo are  amplified with new sensations for the customer, while the massage technique is facilitated in a creative way for the massage therapist.

» Gil Amsallem (French Site)


Holistic Healing: Chakra signifies one of seven energy centers in the body, corresponding to the seven main nerve centers which stem from the spinal column. Each of the seven main chakras reflects essential aspects of consciousness and governs our lives, loves, learning and spiritual awakening.

Abrioné offers  seven different colored chakra masks.  Choose a color that  appeals to you to bring your Chakra back in balance.

» Abrioné Cosmetics