BE attended a delectable lecture called The Science of Taste and the Chemical Foundation of Flavors and Foods at the New York Academy of Science in NYC. Presenters were Harold McGee, food columnist of the New York Times and Linda Bartoshuk, Director of Human Research at the University of Florida, Center for Taste and Smell.

We delved closer into the culinary world and explored Food Science innovation and molecular gastronomy which was pioneered by Ferran Adri'a. A fun and interesting event, we walked away with fresh ideas and thoughts that can easily be crossed over into the world of beauty.... mixed with a "spice" of the imagination!

Here's what we found:

5 Food Science Innovations

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. Disguising a Flavor to Confuse or Surprise

. Unusual Temperature

. Deconstruction of a Dish

. Presenting Foods with Ambient Aromas

. The Rise of the Miracle Fruit

TheCreativeEdge - Starter Concepts

We thought to ourselves, how can we translate current trends in Food Science into unique BE BeautyVision thought starters? Here's a few fun ideas:

Disguising a Flavor to Confuse or Surprise


Chef Heston Blumenthal created the Bacon and Egg breakfast, which is actually an ice cream dish. Customers who expect a traditional bacon and egg meal are in for a surprise when the server delivers ice cream, with red pepper compote, caramelized brioche, buttered caramel and a few drops of maple syrup. All served with a cup of jellied tea!

BE BeautyVision - How about a tubed lip stick with a center core that has one flavor on the inside like sweet chile pepper and second flavor wrapped on the outside like luscious strawberry mint?Studies show that the average woman consumes up to four pounds of lipstick in her lifetime, it might as well be flavorful!

Unusual Temperature


Chef Heston Blumenthal also created the Hot and Iced Tea, which consists of a cup filled with half hot tea and half iced tea. The cup is split vertically with the two liquids, presenting the customers with an unusual experience.

BE BeautyVision - In the winter time, we hate nothing more than to put on a cold body lotion after a warm shower. A self-warming body cream for the winter could be just the key to this problem. In the summer, a cooling body lotion could help soothe and refresh parched summer skin.

Deconstruction of a Dish


Harold McGee spoke of Jose Andres who created a deconstructed wine dish by creating a white wine gelatin that includes a taste of each of the flavors found in the drink such as walnut, apple and peach notes.

BE BeautyVision - Have fun with a colorful, vitamin packed fruit jello-ed face mask! Imagine good for your skin, cubed fruit juices with a jello-like texture that are mask-able and edible too!

Presenting Foods with Ambient aromas

Daniel Patterson created a pink grapefruit mousse that caps supreme of citrus macerated with a splash of cognac and tarragon. A generous drop of oil with the essence of ginger, black pepper, grapefruit and tarragon, all flavors in the appetizer, rests on a plate beside the bowl. Diners are then instructed to rub a little on their skin to create the full experience.

What are the benefits of rubbing this tantalizing food grouping on your face?!

All ingredients have promising characteristics for cosmeceuticals and cosmetic products.

. Ginger is excellent for stimulation and warming effects.

. Grapefruit has cleansing and toning effects on skin.

. Tarragon is an antiseptic and stimulant.

. As a constituent in a blended cream, Black Pepper can be used for tired aching limbs, sore muscles and rheumatoid arthritis.

The Rise of the Miracle Fruit


According to Harold McGee, there has been a revival in food tasting events, referred to as "flavor tripping parties". The tasters consume sour and bitter foods such as lemons, radishes and beer to experience the taste changes that occur. When the fruit is combined with acids, it strongly stimulates the sensation of sweetness on the tongue.

BE's food for thought for all of you chemists out there...If the fruit makes acidy food taste sweet... what happens if the fruit molecules are infused within acidic facial chemical peels? there a new way here to deliver proteins or hydrating sugars to the skin?

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We hope we left you hungry...inspired...and bubbling with more ideas!