NY NOW: The Artisan Age, February 2018

BeautyEdge visited the NY NOW show in New York City's Javits Center. This annual convention features U.S. and global-based manufacturers, exhibitors, and distributors who preview the latest trends in the Home, Lifestyle and Handmade categories. At this year’s show over 2,300 suppliers revealed a “first look” at the products consumers will be craving in 2018, from personal care to baby fashions, stationery to home goods. 

Come along with us as we bring you a high-level snapshot of the exciting creations we discovered at the show.


>>  Customization: A big emphasis on making things “special” with custom designs and artful accents. As seen on beautifully finished handbags, delicately crafted jewelry, and carefully paper-wrapped gift soaps, to name just a few. 
>>  Artisan: Handcrafted and globally curated items sourced from the world’s most indigenous areas. Featured were exotic materials, such as animal horns, fashioned into exquisite jewelry, and intertwining precious silk and gold overlays that nestled gems, giving haute couture baubles a bold new look.
>>  Wellness:  Centered on the newest antidotes for stress.  Therapeutic remedies like essential oils infused within stress-relief modalities, decorative balancing crystals, and collections of stress-releasing rag dolls spanned the exhibition aisles. 
>>  Rainbows:  Growing up and moving on from unicorns and glitter. Watch for a more sophisticated palette of rainbow hues in home goods, furnishings, and accents.  
>>  Feathers:  Elegant, soft, sexy. Feathers were aflutter on all kinds of apparel from bow ties to fun handbags, and on artistic home furnishings like decorative wall pieces.  

The CustomEdge: Being unique!

All images by cherie buziak

Moonglow® - Every moment has a moon!   

Have you ever experienced a moment so beautiful, heart stopping, jaw dropping, or incredible that you wanted to bottle it, to relive over and over again? Moonglow® jewelry features a picture of the moon phase on the date of your special moment to eternalize that time forever.  

A memory of love, joy, strength or even sadness can be captured in moon phase personalized jewelry.

Visit moonglow.com and see how to create your Moonglow® moment in three simple steps:   
1.    Choose your design.
2.   Customize your moon phase by adding the month, day and year of the event.
3.   Enjoy the memory with your customized jewelry!

TheArtisanEdge:  Beyond Homemade

Who better to introduce Artisan business to a vast audience of consumers than Amazon? 
Amazon Handmade is a separate store on the site where your products appear alongside other hand-crafted items for customers to browse, discover, and shop.

With a booth right outside of the Artisan showroom hall, Amazon Handmade welcomed artisans to register their business to see if their goods qualified to be sold on the site.

Image by Cherie Buziak

Curious about the qualification process? BeautyEdge LLC registered on-site in a five-minute interview. An email arrived two days later from Amazon Handmade. The outcome? We’re continuing conversations. 😊

Interested to see if your business qualifies for Amazon Handmade?  Be prepared to answer questions like these during the application process: 

> What is your business name, address, email, phone number? 
> What is your primary product category?
> What item/s will you sell? 
> What is the process for making the product/s? 
> How many people work for you? Companies with employees over 20 people will not qualify.
> Do you sell in additional product categories?
> How many different products do you offer in your primary category?
> Where do you typically sell your product/s? 
> Do you have clear images of your product/s?
> What is your product development process?

More Inspirations....Striking collectibles from artisan jewelers, clockwise from left: Necklaces made of animal horns, oystershell earrings, golden threaded silk over tumbled stones create a fashionable wearable. 

All images by Cherie Buziak

The WellnessEdge: Facing Stress

image by cherie buziak

Pinch Me Therapy Dough – Who doesn’t remember the days of playing with dough -- whether a homemade flour and water mixture made with mom in the kitchen, or rolling out wiggly worms in Pre-K, or ‘cooking’ plates of fake spaghetti with the famous Play-Doh?

Now for the stressed-out adults we’ve become, there’s Pinch Me Therapy Dough. Designed to expose our senses to different smells, colors and textures and ultimately, help us relax. This unique product capitalizes on the idea that touch is a well-known holistic stress reduction tool that can be used anytime, anywhere. 

With its essential oils and calming colors, Pinch Me Therapy Dough has turned a childhood memory into a ‘celebrity status’ stress treatment that even landed in the gift bags at the recent American Music Awards. 

Providing a purifying release of muscle tension, the dough naturally creates a redirection of focus from the mind to the hand where any tension can be squished and released. Extra bonus: The soft aromas were individually selected based on their calming effects.

More Inspirations....….Crystals for balance and Dammit! Dolls to beat stress…literally!

all images by cherie buziak

The FeatherEdge:  Plumy and delicate!

Feathers showed off their sensual allure in a variety of colors. From home design to stylish accessories, like bows and evening bags, feathers create new and playful textures and tones.  

all images by cherie buziak

The RainbowEdge: Catching colors

What’s at the end of your rainbow? No longer referencing unicorns, rainbows in muted and sophisticated pairings were sprinkled throughout all the home furnishings, lifestyle, personal care and artisan showroom floors.

all images by cherie buziak

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