The Edge On: Living Joyfully

Which lifestyle has elevated into a higher quest of being?  Joy., sharing, being, and loving joyfully within our homes, and living well there.

BeautyEdge stumbled upon a newly launched East Coast lifestyle store named PIRCH.  We won’t share everything that we saw there here in this post - we’ll let that experience be a mystery to be discovered by you.  We will share that this model/presentation of a lifestyle store offers an inspirational think-tank for product development, retail, branding,  marketing and living joyfully.

What are the expressions of joy that we seek?

Stimulating the senses … touching … feeling … dreaming … connecting…experiencing … hoping … engaging …. off-lining.  In escaping our lack of joy and anxieties, we seek to relax in our own space, to entertain in our homes, the hub of our lives, with neighbors, family, and friends.

We delight in story telling about our lives, creating memories and events within our own “at home supper club” or "spa-connection," and being comforted in the joy of it all with an element of surprise.

What is Living Joyfully?
·       loving
·       connecting - sharing intimately
·       balancing self-comfort with community building
·       self-expressing/creating
·       experiencing life visually and texturally

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