THE EXCITEMENT: An Exhilerating Experience

BE had "coveted" access to the limited release tickets of QVC's BeautyBash held at QVC's headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Rumor has it that 2,000 tickets were released to the public for sale, and sold out within 24 hours. Why such a quick sellout? Because QVC has faithful viewers and purchasers who are "brand loyal". Plus, QVC taps into the consumer's emotional product use experience. So they keep coming back for more!

What exactly is a QVC BeautyBash?

From BE's perspective, QVC's BeautyBash is a high energy extravaganza with a keen resemblance to "going trick or treating" for cosmetics...what more could a cosmetic diva ask for? Upon entrance to QVC's studio building, attendees receive a big, sturdy, recyclable bag, a floor plan, a survey, and a check-off list of brands in attendance at the Bash.

Once inside the exhibit hall, attendees are free to investigate all brands. They find out about the latest and greatest promotions on their favorite products,...receive "super-sized" or full sized samples of products...learn skin, color, fragrance and haircare "tips" and have the chance to meet and speak with their favorite beauty-brand celebrity.

In essence, the BeautyBash provides a Sensoround experience for the consumer. She is exposed to textures, scents, and vibrance that reinforce an emotional and intellectual connection. Intimacy with a product or brand is created and leads to brand-loyalty and repeat purchases.


While attending the BeautyBash we asked ourselves . . . what else is creating the excitement and the draw? . . . what makes this event so appealing that people will actually post an ad on Craig's List to search for tickets and gain entry? . . . Is it the free samples? . . . Is there some hidden value about the products?...Is it because the consumer gets to "rub shoulders" with the "celebrity" founders and makers of the beauty products? (even we couldn't resist having our photo taken with our favorite Mally.)

While most of the answers to the above questions are YES, the important aspect that BE captured was that the consumer's trust and loyalty are re-enforced at such events.

Is there something here to be learned as product development marketers? . . . something that we can capture and use to develop intriguing brands and promote our own beauty products? Perhaps, . . . .!!

5 Tips for building brand loyalty

1. Make an emotional and intellectual connection to the consumer. 2. Deliver high value for the customer. 3. Create a high touch, low tech experience. 4. Package fun, intrigue and identity from a consumer use perspective. 5. Provide simple to understand product information.

*****News to share from brands we visited...


Actifirm: Face Firm Face Firm is the newest product from Actifirm launching late Spring.  Targeted to 40 + women - Face Firm utilizes Actifirm's exclusive mushroom extract.  After just one application, Face Firm improves the appearance of superficial fine lines and wrinkles and helps to make skin feel firmer.

The following key technologies of Face Firm are proprietary, patented and trademarked:

Actimatrix - a patented formula that includes Mucor Meihei mushrooms.

Actisea 100 - a combination of concentrated extracts from select marine algae and the inner gel of Aloe barbadensis Miller.

Actifirm Ultra - the main ingredient in Face Firm; a combination of extracts from rosemary, cornflowers and Gotu Kola.



DuWop: Cheek VenomThey've done it again! 10 years after the launch of LipVenom, DuWop has created a cheek formula with stunning results. We had a personal application of DuWop Cheek Venom from Cristina B. herself! Applied with fingers, it glides on skin with a light, satiny-smooth texture and contains long-wear pigments for day-long lasting color. Benefits of the blush helps to firm, tighten and condition skin through a blend of silicones, hyaluronic acid and essential oils. Available in two shades. Sidewinder, a gorgeous nude flush, and Diamondback a hot coral pink.




Tova: Tova Signature.  Who was the first woman to sell over 10 million bottles of fragrance to-date? Tova!  And,  she is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of her first fragrance Tova Signature (created by Manheimer Inc. a division of Kerry Group). Nominated for the 2008 Fragrance Hall of Fame at this year's FIFI awards, the fragrance is as relevant for women today as it was 25 years ago. It defined a category...clean sensuality, in a time when heavy hit- you- in- the face fragrances were being launched (think Giorgio). With a high concentration, 28.5% fragrance, notes include; Crisp bergamot, jasmine absolute, lavender, sandalwood and clean, sensual musk.



100% Pure Actifirm Arcona Bare Escentuals Borba Bourjois BriteSmile Caudalie Clarisonic Clinique DDF Diane Young Dr. Denese Dr. Goldfadden DuWop Facial Concepts Frederic Fekkai Joan Rivers Beauty Joey NY Jonathan Product Juara Juice Beauty Kate Somerville Kinerase Laura Geller L'Occitane Lorac Mally N.V. Perricone M.D. Nick Chavez Ojon Olivella Peter Thomas Roth Philosophy beauty Pink Sugar Prescriptives ProStrong QVC Insider Raw Color Redpoint Skyn Iceland Smashbox Sue Devitt Tarte Tova Beauty Tricia Sawyer Wen by Chaz Dean


THE SPA EDGE: A Sensoround Experience

BE visited “The Spa Experience” exhibition presented by SpaFinder at Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall.  We indulged in treatments, and took a deep dive to explore the more “fascinating” Spa’s represented.  We asked ourselves … What is it that spa customers seek, and we as beauty marketers need to provide in product or service? ... BE’s answer: a “sensoround experience” … an overall feeling of health and well-being ... escapism … inner-peace and healing … adventure and most important ... individuality.  Here’s our Top 7 Spa Choices reflecting a “sensoround” experience.



Ojai Valley Inn & Spa - Ojai, California – Discover your own artistic talents!   The newly opened artist's cottage at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa brings you in contact with local artists. Here,  you can discover and release your artistic talents in pottery, painting, drawing, wreath making, and papermaking.

The new apothecary is a special workplace where guests blend fresh herbs and  essential oils to create lotions and potionsfor their own personal use.  You can also stroll through the gardens and hand pick herbs and flowers to create a customized floral water distillatewith micro molecules of essential oils.  The applications are suitable for; skin care, hair care, personal care, and baby care, as well as culinary and household uses. Guests can golf, enjoy soothing and rejuvenating spa treatments, and engage in local events from the surrounding community.

» Ojai Valley Inn


RanchoLaPuerta - Tecate, Baja California, Mexico  - How can you be off the court and still on your game?! All inclusive, RanchoLaPuerta Resort offers a signature massage class called Release and Mobilize using tennis balls as  massage apparatus.   The class is taught seven days a week by fitness instructor Nathan Briner.  See link for simple techniques that you can use yourself.  Our favorite is “aching feet massage” . Click here to download step-by-step massage directions.

» RanchoLaPuerta


Pritikin Longevity Center® & Spa - Aventura, FL  -  It’s simple.  Eat right and exercise…but you don’t have the time to make an action plan let alone follow one!!  At Pritikin you receive a full internal/external body evaluation by a team of doctors who write orders for meal plans, exercise plans and wellness plans inclusive of Women’s Health (peri/post - menopause). This is for the serious minded desiring a lifestyle change, and even those who want improvement with diagnosed health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, obesity and hypertension.  Evaluations include sonograms of arteries to evaluate plaque build-up, complete blood chemistry panels, cholesterol and triglyceride reads, and stress tests. There are also plenty of leisure activities to enjoy like boating, golfing, swimming, and Spa treatments.


EdgeNote: American’s today consume an average of 3500-5000 calories per day….watch that morning muffin and coffee! At Pritikin meal plans are calculated on an average of 1500 calories per day offered in 6 different meal servings.  Go to Free Pritkin Recipe CD to sign up for a free cd of 200 healthy recipes and their newsletter.

» Pritkin Longevity Center


Ska:na – Verona, New York -  the Oneida Indian word for “peace” (Ska:na) is the experience you receive at The Spa at Turning Stone.  An exceptional line up of  signature treatments is offered with the opportunity to engage in an authentic American Indian Sweat Lodge Ceremony. Native Americans have used the sweat lodge for centuries as a means of cleansing the body and purging the spirit of impurities, expressing gratitude to the Creator and giving thanks for a personal gift of rebirth.

» Ska:na - The Spa at Turning Stone


the bodyholiday® at LeSPORT – St. Lucia -  Yes, there’s sun, golf, spa treatments, a slew of indoor/outdoor exercise and water sport programs…and, your own... BodyGuard!...individuals trained in a array of fitness disciplines to assure that you get the most out of your selected exercise programs…plus... Specialists….whether you’ve taken a stress reduction class or learned a new technique…these individuals keep in contact with you after you have arrived home to offer more information or help. Here you’ll gain the opportunity to acquire skills and insights that will enhance the rest of your life with a wonderful feeling of body-mind synchrony…and even the chance to try Circus Arts and Gymnastics!!!

» thebodyholiday


CuisinArt Resort & Spa – Anguilla -  Fine white crystal sand…clear, blue, ocean water…simply paradise. The unique feature at  CusinArt  is it’s hydroponic farm and organic garden that produces it’s own fruits and vegetables so that foods are fresh and are not imported. The Venus Spa features it’s own restorative and moisturizing hydroponic cucumber and aloe wrap with harvested cucumbers from the farm. CuisinArt Resort & Spa has begun an expansion of its award-winning Venus Spa to include areas for hydrotherapy and an exclusively designed Thalasso Pool, of heated Anguillan seawater, for natural, mineral-based therapy.

» Cuisin Art Resort and Spa


Grotta Giusti Natural Spa Resort – Tuscany, Italy - Enjoy a healthy, detoxifying, natural steam bath in the ancient grottoes.  Perspiration provoked by the Grotta sets off an intense purifying, detoxifying process which, together with an immediate sense of wellbeing, makes this a unique treatment for the complete restoration of the body and mind.  The temperature of the bath, which increases slowly to a maximum of 34° C, creates a "thermal steam bath" that helps eliminate toxins and stress in the body.

The Spa and Wellness Center  features a full array of treatments and services ranging from thermal water emersions, physical diagnostic checks and dermatological evaluations, mental training to strengthen memory and learning, oriental massage therapies, fitness training, aesthetic medicine and exclusive face and body treatments.

» Grotta Giusti Spa


Gran Melia, Golf Resort & Villas - Gran Melia, Puerto Rico - The YHI Spa at Gran Melia, Puerto Rico features the Rainforest Signature™ Treatment, a hydrating and rejuvenating body treatment that  draws inspiration from the magical and mystical sanctuary of the Rainforest. The menu of Spa services is both extensive and alluring, rich in an offering of eco-delights and tropical lushness. The Rainforest and Aroma Well-Being spa rituals and services have been designed to honor the mystery and power of the Rainforest; the sacred link between humans and nature.  Also available are Wellness, Hydrotherapy and Relaxation Centers, plus golf at nearby Coco Beach.

» Melia Hotels and Resorts

THE EFFECTIVE EDGE: Innovative Treatments


SmoothOver … Go for the professional Alpha Beta®  Peel from mdskincare® … a proprietary blend of alpha  and beta hydroxyl acids improves skin’s texture, firmness, vibrancy and radiance…without the irritation, and over-the-top “sting” of  high-performance chemical peels.

» Dr. Dennis Gross MD


Plump and Smooth Lips …ANEW, Clinical Plump & Smooth Lip System by Avon means “No needles necessary” for full lips with youthful definition. The doubled-ended applicator features step 1 - Surfa-Smooth technology™  to help smooth out deep vertical lines, while redefining lip contours around the lips and step 2 - Maxi-Full™ technology   to boost collagen and help make lips look fuller and plumper with natural lip color restored.

» Avon